My Story & Floristry

My Story

So once again I have found my way back to floristry, or maybe it’s found its way back to me?

I grew up surrounded by flowers from a very early age. My mum started her business in her front room. Our lives were planned around weddings, our lounge a permanent display room, our spare room a workshop.

After many years of searching, Mum found her shop premises. And I got my own bedroom.

At 16, during an anxious and depressive collapse, my mum set me to work. A career which began with not being able to answer the phone soon turned into providing consultations to very recently bereaved families. It became clear I was rather good at this. By 19, I was helping run the business and was fully trained, although I consider myself to still be learning after 25 years of practice.

Motherhood arrived at 20 and I left the shop behind. In a way I felt I had something to prove. I had never wanted to be a florist, I wanted to be a pharmacist. I was stubborn and didn’t want my path to have been carved out for me. Floristry had gotten me out of bed when I was extremely ill. But I didn’t do it out of choice. So I kind of rejected it as a career, even though I was good at it.

Over the past 20 years, it has always reared its head – people have asked me to do their wedding, funeral flowers, Christmas wreaths – but I didn’t value my work.

I now find myself home-schooling my youngest child, and wanting to have a career of some sort.

And I’ve noticed the difference now is that I enjoy floristry. I’m finally doing it out of choice.

I had the very best teacher in my mum. Her work is meticulous.

I’m starting from home, just like Mum did. Her task was harder as she didn’t have the internet back then.

My lounge is now starting to resemble my childhood one. There are blocks of foam in the house again. My head is bursting with ideas.

I’m very much looking forward to helping create memories, whether it be wedding flowers, tributes to loved ones, or a ‘just because’ bouquet.

Perhaps our paths will cross soon.

My Floristry

With a passion to create fine and striking bespoke floral products and arrangements, and with a small family team, I want to offer quality work for the people of Norwich (plus UK postal deliveries).

This website, launched 6 September 2020, will grow over the next few weeks to show our wide range of floristry services. Items shown are illustrative of styles we can produce, with flowers, dimensions, and adornments a matter of your choice, budget and imagination.

Please get in touch if you would like a no-obligation consultation, or to make any enquiries.

These designs are applicable for fresh and faux flowers. Imitation silk flowers have come a long way in recent years – they actually look realistic – and there is an astonishing range of availability. They can be styled into long-lasting decorations and accessories, such as fairy crowns which are perfect for wearing at festival after festival.

Our wedding flowers (with the exception of hand-tieds) are fashioned using the traditional method of individually wiring and greening all flowers and foliage. Although more time-consuming, we prefer this technique over using push-in foam frames, to ensure bouquets remain in shape throughout your special day and beyond.

We will be pleased to make use of your own vases, ornaments, or symbolic props to generate evocative tributes or presentations that are truly personal.

On our journey working together, I want you to be inspired to discover the soul, essence or character of your event, design, or gift, and that we can bring your dreams to reality.