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26 Weeks Later

Six months ago, after our plan A was pulled from under us, I initiated plan B. I went to the wholesalers, bought some supplies, made up some samples, took some photos, and started our own business. We weren’t sure what to call it at first, but remembered my late dad saying that your work should… More

A Last Gift

One aspect of running a floristry business I learned very early on is the communication skills I would need. The shop I worked in was very cold (it had been a funeral directors), which was ideal for a florists. So we all worked in a very slightly warmer part of the building, being alerted to… More

Yes (again) to the dress

Sad was I when it was time to pack away my wedding dress in the wardrobe. I’d waited so long to wear it, and now it was being put away, retired for the rest of my days . . . This past week has proved me wrong. ‘Olivia’, as it is known in the dress… More

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