Yes (again) to the dress

Sad was I when it was time to pack away my wedding dress in the wardrobe. I’d waited so long to wear it, and now it was being put away, retired for the rest of my days . . .

This past week has proved me wrong. ‘Olivia’, as it is known in the dress world, has been proudly adorning a mannequin in the lounge, and has a starring role again! This time as a backdrop for my latest creations.

It’s so good to see it again and look at the back of it! I never saw the back, was never the one doing it up! It’s beautiful.

I’m enjoying it all over again. The mud on the hem from our photo shoot in the woods, the little drops of something down the front. All little reminders of one of the calmest, loveliest days I’ve ever spent. The day I married my best friend.

I’m so looking forward to helping create part of your special day. Now, where are those Jenny Packham shoes…

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