Ordering & Data Handling

If you’re wondering how to place an order, simply get in touch, and we’ll have a chat about your requirements. Or if you fancy the long run-down, for the sake of transparency, here it is in exhaustive detail . . .


Orders and inquiries are taken over the phone, by email (directly and via the website’s contact form), through Facebook and Instagram Messengers, and occasionally in person.

The order is ‘booked in’ in our diary – we jot down the client and recipient names, delivery location, and what has been ordered.

When the correspondence has covered all the necessities, details of the order are transferred into an invoice or, if payment has been made swiftly, a receipt. This document will feature the order and delivery dates, the client’s name and sometimes their email address, the recipient’s name/s and address, our contact details, the service and price of the item/s ordered and delivery charge, a message to go on the card (optional), and our bank account for payment, or clarification of the alternative payment arrangement, or acknowledgement that payment has been made. This document will be messaged, emailed or physically presented to the client. We will usually confirm when payment has been received.

We reserve the right to refuse or cancel an order, or limit payment options. Your order may not be delivered if your invoice has not been paid in advance, so any difficulty in paying should be communicated to avoid disappointment… unless we have made other arrangements, or are on such fine friendly terms that neither we or you are much concerned about a late payment.


Bank Transfer – our preferred method as it avoids transaction fees – account details will be on your invoice.

Cash – in advance, on delivery, or upon collection.

Cheque – by special arrangement.

Debit/Credit Cards & NFC Mobile Payments – Visa, V. PAY, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, Union Pay, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. Using a SumUp card reader, we can take chip & PIN or contactless payments in person. We will not ask you to read out your plastic numbers over the phone, and you must certainly not email these to us – if you do, we will permanently delete them.

Payment Link – sent by text or email for you to securely type in your bank card details.


Once the invoice has been paid and the order has been fulfilled, the invoice is archived, correspondence emails are housed in a folder in our AOL email account, and Facebook messages to the business account are marked as Done. These invoices, correspondences and notes remain accessible only to the business owners (Danielle and Jake Wyatt), behind locked doors and passworded accounts, and are stored for the purposes of cross-referencing for future orders, and for compiling sales and tax accounts.

Moreover, until we have opportunity or reason to audit or condense our archive, it is a matter of time that prevents us from stripping out anything that may be considered obsolete or sensitive. We promise to get rid of anything that we would consider sensitive and would not want kept ourselves. We do not need to keep entire records of orders, and if you would like us to partially redact or entirely eradicate particular aspects of our records or correspondences stored online or in our invoices or notes, for the sake of your privacy or simple peace-of-mind closure, please get in touch.

You have the right to find out whether we hold any information about you (relating to correspondence or inquiries, orders you have placed, or gifts you have received), and to have access to this information. If anyone asks to have a copy of data we hold on them, or to have it deleted, we will comply within a month, and we will not charge for administering such a request.

We are not collecting anyone’s contact details for the purpose of direct marketing, and we do not pass on or sell any such data to anyone. We’re just here to sell flowers and bring about comfort and happiness.


This website is built on WordPress, which, as standard, uses or sets two types of cookies (small files that contain information about visitors to our website and which are stored in your web browser): User Cookies and Comment Cookies. These simply identify and track users’ WordPress login details and information about comments they leave on our blog posts.


Where Danielle Wyatt Flowers is responsible for moderating social media comments (on Facebook and Instagram), we reserve the right to ignore, remove, or hide a comment or response without prior notice, or block an individual’s access to our pages (if necessary, and where possible).

We reserve the right to use any supportive comments or recommendations, posted publicly on our social media pages, for publication on our website. If your name and statement have been repurposed in this way, and you wish your contribution to be altered or deleted, please let us know and we will oblige. If we ever want to use comments for any other marketing purposes, we will first contact the author.


Any personal data breaches, or potential breaches, will be investigated diligently in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You have a right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office if you believe there’s a problem with the way we handle your data – but please contact us first as we may be able to clear matters up.

We consider that our use and storage of personal data is reasonable, non-intrusive, straightforward, and safe. To the best of our knowledge, we are operating in accordance with the GDPR. We are always keen to improve our service, so please let us know if you have any concerns or suggestions.

Thanks for reading; we’re glad that you care about data privacy and our ordering process as much as we do.